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As a teenager, I got involved in web design, graphic design, spray painting and murals. spent time experimenting with art and metal to compliment interior design work and to create individual pieces. Metal lamps that are hand perforated are some of my favorite works.
I bring websites, domains and hosting services to customers in Costa Rica and the United States.
Recently, also I started to practice traditional techniques like Watercolor and Acrylics, and being exploring digital art and photo manipulation. My latest new projects are Tshirt, design/screening and children books illustration. Im always open to explore new and different forms of art.

I’m from Costa Rica,  resident in Chicago,  married since 2004 to Lisa Ahlgrim, with  three awesome children: Joseph Bryan James,  Alyssa Rei Lynn and Milena Lee Ann.

I hope you enjoy my work here in MichaelCArt.com  and you are welcome to contact me for your projects or business.

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