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The “Igil” is a traditional instrument from Tuvan, a Russian country with Mongolian heritage, basically is a Cello with two groups of strings, (about 60 strings in the short side and 90 strings the long one)

With the online guidance of some people who build their own instruments, Im make a Igil using the body of a old banjo and Violin pieces…Taking advantage that will not look like a traditional Igil, I decorate it in a Steampunk style.

This is a very personal project because I love the sound of the Igil, and since I see it for first time, I always want to have one. Because the cost of a traditional igil ($800-$1000) and the one year waiting list, I decided go ahead and look for options to made it in my own.


The result is not just  the instrument I want but also a piece of Art, an amazing fusion of influences (igil original from Tuvan, a Russian country with Mongolian heritage, Being myself from Costa Rica, using a traditional American banjo, and decorate with embossed metal, an Mexican tecnique, finally with a Steampunk concept: (a  European movement now popular in all the globe) 


For years I look for options to get an Igil, finding no much information about it, that is why I decided share my project here, to help and encourage others Igil’s lovers.

Commissions are welcome! I will love help someone to have a beautiful instrument like this, with their own personal finish and concept.

Anyone interested please use my contact information.



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